Three years ago I was introduced to the Creator family. Since then I have studied this family of champions. This is a true family of champions, maybe the most dominant middle distance family (and I stress family) in history. The evidence is in Wout's results and his ascent to the top in such a short time. Look not only at Wout's results but those of Mike Ganus and his customers and others that have stumbled on to this family. Mike's best hen ever (Mona Lisa) is half Creator family. The list of derby winners is very extensive, even here in Canada, winning the first place in the 2011 Canadian Challenge held by Tony Alves

I keep calling them a dominant family. This is very true. They are all very closely bred, going back to just a few birds. They are a Jansen based family with a cross with Van loon and a Van wanaroy. Great for a cross to add some speed and vigor.

The birds themselves are predominately blues or white flights with a strong slatey presence. Some of the most dominant and key birds are slatey. They have tight vents, nice soft supple muscle, silky feathers and their eyes are very brilliant with great definition. The closeness of this family allow them to pass their great genes to the next generation. They have a pedigree built around winners against thousands. Sometimes six generations deep. Truly a great family.