In the fall of 2008, when I decided to get back into pigeons I decided to add a boost to my old family, and after asking around ended up ordering 6 birds from Bob Duhra. The quality of these birds was so good I ordered more. I should say out of that first shipment I bred the first year a race winner and best bird in the club as a yearling. After many hours on the phone and several trips to Calgary a great friendship developed, which allowed me to get many birds he wouldn't let go of for anybody else.

Then in the fall of 2010 Tony Alves, one of the best flyers in Canada and a close personal friend of Mike Ganus decided to sell his stock loft and concentrate on his great one loft race 'The Great Canadian Classic'. So I couldn't let a chance like this get away, and most of his top breeders came to Saskatchewan. I am sure you will find something that will help you.

I am breeding from Wout Spierings' Best

  • Full brother to Creator (1-6989)
  • Son of Tiger Eyes (1-5838)
  • Son and daughter off The Golden Couple
  • 3 more children of Creator
  • Full sister to Diamond Ring
  • 3 Full brothers of the Golden Bull
  • 1 Daughter of Remie
  • 3 Children off Blue Moon (2-10,453)
  • 2 Inbred grand children off Remie
  • 1 Daughter off Boomerang (1 Golden Crack)
  • 1 Daughter off the nestmate of Dora
  • 4 Children off Diamond Maker
  • 2 Sons off Blue Lemans (1-12,880)

The best being the Northern Lemans a breeder second to none. In his first couple years breeding he bred.

  • 4th-Engleheart Classic
  • 8th-Empire Classic
  • Ace young bird Up North Combine
  • With 3 different hens

And now his grandchildren are performing 8th Alberta Classic, 4th Fall Classic, and most impressive 9th final 350 mile race and 2nd average speed in the $100,000 America's Challenge.

A truly dominant family built on great birds, about 50% of Mike Ganus birds contain Spierings blood, including his best hen ever Mona Lisa whose mother was straight from Spierings. I am also breeding from 4 grandchildren of the Mona Lisa.

I am also breeding from other great Ganus birds such as direct children of The Golden Mattens, Super Crack 699, Topo, Super Champ, Millennium, President, a super pair off The Rocket, and one of the best sons off Sure Bet, and a daughter off the Phantom and Jasmine. Children off the Phantom (if you can get them from Mike) start at $10,000. He is the father to Mona Lisa

I also have Gabby's. Grandchildren off the Wittenbuik, Piconol and a son off Johan (2x 1st) son of General and Prima Donna.

I also have the great blood lines of Hub Hermans Top flier in Holland. Breeder of Magic Star and his sister Natasha (overall ace pigeon). He is also breeder of Mike's Super Eyes, Flaming Star and Secret Weapon. Again this year he was 1st General Champion and 13th place in the Golden Duif.

I also have a pair of imported Klak birds all four parents bred by De Klak himself. I also have a pair of Koopmans with good records from one of the top lofts in Holland.

And one of my favorites Surhuizumers Gold one of the best filers from one of the best lofts in Holland. 9th-13,160, 11th-2515, 111th-24,949, 69th-13,160, 249th-26,380 etc. 64 prizes out to 713km. 11 x Top 3%, 6 x Top 1% out.

One of the best so far is my 778 family. Bob Duhra's best breeder, a son out of Super Champ and a solid gold 2 Olympic pigeons. The best bird in Canada this year is a son of 778, #80. I am breeding from 14 children off 778 including 02-26043 breeder 5x1, 2362 his nestmate sold for $2500 at auction, his brother also here 1916 breeder of one cock 14x1st or = 1st and 3 x digest ace pigeon and full brothers 07-28946 bred 1st place and 08-2347 bred overall ace pigeon in his first year breeding. A true prepotent family. I love them.

I also have 5 children of the Prince olympic pigeon 1-7603b, 1-7295, 1-7156, 1-6909 all the way out to 400 miles. Offspring have won thousands of dollars in California and top the one loft races in NY and BC.

As you can see I have spent a fortune on aquiring the very best that I could, and anybody that has bid against me knows that I am very persistent on aquiring what I believe is the best. I believe I have winning blood of the future as well as the best of the past. If I can help you contact me at (306) 751-4973 or

P.S. I have just acquired from the same loft of Ganus' olympic pigeon Aviator and Big Andy's Olympic pigeon the Mailman. The National winner 1st Nat-36,862b, 1-6100b, 15th-7190, 64-6994 etc. Truly a phenom and physically perfect.