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1st - 6989b, 4th - 4852b, 5th - 5048b
Father to 1st ace YB 02, 1st National Orleans, 2nd National La Sauterraine, 7th Nat Lemans 120,000 birds
Grandfather to 1st ace YB 04, 5th National Lemans 120,000b, 2nd - 5085b, 10 National 71,450b.

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The Phenom from Flor Voorvort
Sire of 3d-Snowbird, 1st-Vegas, 1st-Royal Crown and father to Mona Lisa, Ganus best ever breeder (when crossed with Creator family).

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He is the #1 Money Winning Sire in U.S. history. I don't think there is a race his family hasn't won.
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1st National Ace Short Distance 1999
1st-2581b, 1st-2485b, 1st-2366b, 1st-1671b
If he had been entered he would have been the only back to back ace pigeon.

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4th national Ace Middle Distance 1995 (7x 1st)
Full brother to Natasha 1st Ace Middle Distance 1996 & Angelo twice 1st Ace Short Distance Champ. A great Van Loon base family.

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1st National Ace Middle Distance 1998
1st-13,835b, 1st-6325, 6th-3218b, 8th-6622b, 9th-6738b
Son of a National Ace Pigeon
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1st National Short Distance Ace 1995
1st-1,867 fastest 26,000
1st-2,074 fastest 30,000
1st-2086 fastest 30,000
1st-2045 fastest 40,000

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1st National Ace Middle Distance 1995
1st-8251b, 1st 4246b, 1st-3302b, 1st-1167b
Bred a National Winner 13,000+, a show bird winner and many more

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1st Abis vs 10,544 birds, 300 miles
1st Vierson vs 3166 birds, 350 miles
1st Bourges vs 2754 birds, 360 miles
3rd Chateauroux vs 1754 birds, 400 miles
3rd Pont St. Maxence vs 7197 birds, 200 miles
6th Chantilly vs 4965 birds, 220 miles
18th Chateauroux vs 12,074 birds, 400 miles
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1st National Cheb - 9,383 b
4th National Karlovy - 12,535 b
5th National Karlovy - 10,217 b
6th National Karlovy - 9,935 b
7th National Cheb - 12,763 b

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Bred hundreds of winners many generations down.

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Truly a preponent sire, son of a Super Champ (1st overall olympic ace pigeon) x Solid Gold (1st Middle Distance and 1st overall Olympic Ace pigeon). Sire to Cal 09 Durha 80 Ace bird in Canada and many many more.

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Olympic Pigeon 1-7603, 1-7295, 1-7156, 1-6909, 1-3782, 1-3463, 1-3454
Many people have had great results with this family, including Alex Bieche (USA), Jozef Konior (Poland), Zennon Skubal (USA), Robert Watson (England), Bob Duhra (Canada), etc.

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